Capt’n Crush Ray Sets Three New Golf World Records With CopperJoint Sleeve


ELKHART, Ind. — CopperJoint sponsored professional golfer Lynn “Capt’n Crush” Ray set three world records recently while using the company’s innovative copper elbow sleeve. Wearing a CopperJoint elbow compression sleeve at the recent 2016 Golf Fest Show in Mesa, Arizona, Ray set a new world record for the longest low-elevation carry of a backwards-swinging golf drive at 294 yards, 1 foot and 4 inches, a Guinness-certified accomplishment. At the same event, Ray set a new unofficial record for the most full-swing golf drives in an hour, striking a total of 1090 balls down range.

Ray followed this pair of performances with another Guinness World Record at the second leg of the 2016 Golf Fest circuit in San Diego on March 4, beating his own previous high mark by driving 469 golf balls 300 yards or further in sixty minutes. Ray credits the CopperJoint elbow sleeve with greatly alleviating the joint pain he used to experience, saying in a new interview at the company’s website “It is a great product and I won’t hit another golf ball without it on.”

“One of the most rewarding things about this business is seeing what a difference our products make for so many hard-working athletes,” CopperJoint CEO Jon Deal said, “We’ve been big fans of Capt’n Crush for many years and have followed his impressive career with great interest. We were thrilled when he accepted our offer of a sponsorship after having already started wearing our CopperJoint sleeve on his own. Lynn’s record-setting performances at the recent Golf Fest Shows were amazing to behold, and we are truly proud to be able to support such a devoted athlete.”

Made using a proprietary, patented process that allows pure, elemental copper to be incorporated into nylon at a fundamental level, the CopperJoint family of compression sleeves are favorites of everyone from active athletes to those suffering from degenerative conditions like arthritis. Designed to provide effective joint support and promote recovery from injuries by encouraging blood circulation, the copper-infused compression sleeves also wick moisture and prevent bacterial growth and the development of odors.

With many athletes and others now discovering the benefits of these unique products, achievements like those of Lynn “Capt’n Crush” Ray at the two recent 2016 Golf Fest Shows help to spread the word even further. As a CopperJoint sponsored athlete, Ray wears one of the company’s elbow sleeves in training and in competitions, as he details in an extensive new interview now online at, where links to YouTube videos of his record-setting performances can also be found.

About CopperJoint:
Incorporating the regenerative, anti-microbial power of pure copper into top-quality, 4-way knee, ankle, and elbow compression sleeves, the CopperJoint family of products supports everyone from hard-training athletes to those who suffer from degenerative joint conditions.


Initial Time Purchasing a House? Read This

Researching your own personal requirement for dynamic property management is crucial to the homebuying process. In the event that you’re shifting into some sort of larger residence than most likely used in order to, a property that is usually newer or perhaps older as compared to you’re employed to, or maybe located inside a weather that’s sexier or cooler than if you’re used for you to, ask your own real real estate professional for you to find out and about what typically the home’s electricity bills possess typically already been. This may help avoid being astonished by any higher power bill when compared with you’re wanting. If most likely moving in to a brand new community, get out with regards to water expenses, as properly. You can easily find homes for sale here.

Don’t ignore miscellaneous costs. Be positive to spending budget for transferring expenses, because well since additional upkeep costs. New homes are likely to will need less repair than more mature ones, nevertheless all properties require servicing. If most likely considering any condo or perhaps a property with some sort of homeowners relationship (HOA), recall to consist of HOA payments in your own personal budget. Throughout addition, retain in head that an individual should possess a “disaster fund” in hand to be able to prepare with regard to any unpredicted changes throughout your earnings (like decrease in your current wages) or maybe unexpected costs (like health care bills).

Control your credit card debt carefully right after your house purchase. At times your residence will require new kitchen appliances, landscaping, possibly even the new roof structure. Planning intended for these expenditures carefully may help a person avoid a single of typically the most typical causes associated with missed mortgage loan payments: holding too significantly debt. Really important certainly not to overextend your credit history card as well as other arrears so a person stay present on your current payments. Attempt buying a home at auction online. Get prequalified for some sort of mortgage prior to you commence shopping. Understanding what an individual can easily afford will certainly let an individual keep your current search centered on typically the homes in which are proper for an individual.

Research your own personal mortgage possibilities. Find away the big difference between the actual various kinds of residence so you will know which usually one is actually best intended for you. Recognize your current credit history score. Because soon while you choose to commence looking intended for a residence, check your own credit review and credit score score along with any involving the 3 major credit rating reporting firms: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If anyone find any kind of mistakes that will need to be able to be remedied, addressing all these issues earlier will set you within a a great deal better position any time it’s moment to purchase a home. More Bonuses can be found here.

Investing In A Residence Might Be Overwhelming With No Estate Agent

Getting a home is never as elementary as choosing a home, purchasing it and relocating. There are a lot of complex components of residence shopping the regular man or woman does not fully grasp. That’s why it really is vital to have someone on your side when you progress throughout the operation of finding and also creating a bargain regarding a home your family will love. Prior to actually commencing to locate houses, a home buyer must be confident they have enough capital to complete the investment. Most people receive loans from their banking institution. Attending to this step initially ensures the buyer won’t be frustrated when they find out they are unable to definitely pay for a house they wanted to obtain. Soon after they have already set up for loans, the home buyer should begin looking at residences. This could be overwhelming if they strive to accomplish it independently. An excellent estate agent might help a purchaser locate properties that will match their particular conditions therefore they do not fritter away a great deal of time and energy. To discover a good estate agent, consider this useful site. Buyers could also identify lots of helpful information to help them for their home investigation. This specific informative post covers the vast majority of points buyers need to find out while they quest for a new property. Regardless of whether they opt to get a pre-existing house in the traditional sense or a public auction house, having the house examined before finishing the transaction might help them save a lot of time and cash. An effective inspector will inform the purchaser if perhaps there are any sort of significant troubles with the property they should find out about before making the purchase. Repairs could be very expensive and a lot of home buyers can’t find a way to invest so much money for upkeep shortly after they relocate to the house. The top article here consists of other information regarding the actions home buyers need to take on well before they love a residence. In order to uncover additional information regarding the overall method and the way an agent can help a customer who may have not a clue where to start, click this over here now to read some useful content and understand the way to successfully get in touch with one of several leading estate agents in the community.

The Right Home is Ready

Should you be planning on buying a property, there’s a good chance that you will be concerned about something more important which could happen to be neglected. If this describes the situation, create a list of things to look for when buying a house. Very carefully consider the things that are important to you. Certainly one of this can be to have a gorgeous cooking area with plenty room. Something else could be to contain a wonderful main bedroom that may be private with a lot of room.

Maybe you are looking to have a very good living room that is linked to the living area. Maybe you need to have ceramic tile floors in some regions of the house. No matter what it is, it is usually good for make a list with items to search for when buying a house. A contractor is glad to meet to you to discuss the several things that are obtainable. He can also go over a few things that may have been ignored.

Keep in mind, this is the residence the place that the whole family will get together regularly. It needs to be cozy not to mention handy for every individual in the home. Should there be any kind of changes that should be built to the flooring plan, talk to your contractor upfront. Your own home will likely be fantastic.

Under No Circumstances Rush Into Choosing A Home You’ve Immediately Fallen For

It’s in no way a good thought to successfully hurry into buying some sort of property of which you have immediately fallen deeply in love with. Throughout the house hunting process, it’s actually not unusual for a individual to actually encounter a fabulous house in which they simply just appreciate and are happy to initiate a deal for right away. Evidently this may be okay in a few scenarios this type of step is generally an awful idea. That place which you promptly fell in love with most likely is not all that it appears to be.

Dwellings that appear wonderful might be filled with quite a lot of horrible issues. For instance, a family house could appear attractive on the outside but might have numerous architectural problems. It’s quite normal for wonderful looking homes to experience difficulties with mildew and mold that is invisible behind walls or beneath floor surfaces. Nevertheless, a consumer wouldn’t understand this sort of matter assuming they failed to complete their particular research. Find out more about my latest blog post for info about frequent physical problems.

When a buyer really wants to stay away from physical difficulties, they have to think about employing a skilled technician. A good inspector might cautiously check out any dwelling completely. They’ll check for things such as black mold, floor troubles, lousy repairing and many other things. Prospective buyers can easily browse this site and discover wonderful information regarding employing expert inspectors.

Hunting For And Visiting Land For Sale

In that time period, increasingly more men and women are concentrating on property which happens to be available to acquire. Paying for land is going to be an awesome strategy for all those aiming to make just a little money. Nevertheless, properties to buy in many cases are few and far in between when considering greatly appealing sections. As a way to discover rewarding land potential buyers might need to venture outside their very own communities.

A terrific spot to start out looking for land is going to be the net. Countless people search online initially in an effort to come across property which happens to be readily available. You’ll find a variety of fantastic websites that truly catalog the actual bits of land that are available in a city or state. Potential buyers can hunt for land according to their particular placement or perhaps price tag. These sites allow it to be a good deal simpler to explore and find detailed information pertaining to properties available for purchase. Observe this page and look for a lot more facts about these websites.

Despite the fact that looking on the net for land is perfect attending a chunk of property in the flesh is much better. Absolutely no consumer should ever invest in a chunk of property without visiting the land first. Often times the pictures you see online do not exactly match the exact condition of the entire property. Seeing the property face-to-face may allow a buyer to more easily assess its worth.

Whitby, Ontario Supplies Something for Everyone – Economically!

Roughly 30 minutes outside Toronto will be one of the most beautiful local communities in the Durham District. Whitby, Ontario, is acknowledged for providing residents plus visitors the same the feeling involving being inside a smallish town together with the opportunities, cultural advantages and also services usually associated with a much larger vicinity. Whitby is situated along the northern shoreline of beautiful Lake Ontario, and typically the countless citizens that commute for their jobs within the Greater Toronto community savor their own homeward excursion and also believe the perception of escape is definitely really worth the short-term drive. The Whitby real estate market is at present booming as new residents are lured to the location by way of its many charms.

Whitby supplies a host of retailers plus eating places, in addition to an spectacular harbour on the lake the place that the Port Whitby Marina is situated. There are more than a hundred recreational parks in the region, preservation places, hiking tracks, plus the popular Iroquois Park Sports Centre, which gives high-end fitness coaching, swimming, tennis, and even more. For individuals who want to take everyday life with a more measured tempo, all of the more northern locations of Brooklin, Myrtle, Myrtle Station and Ashburn tend to be decidedly far more remote. Home values are under in numerous regions of the GTA, providing wonderful, separated residences accessible less than $300K. To learn more concerning Whitby, read through this website:

Guidelines for Reselling Your House

Any time you determine to market, the 1st thing in order to do is actually investigate the actual local property market. Seek advice from the huge real property sites in order to see just how similar houses are listed in your current neighborhood. Numerous newspapers likewise list the actual selling and also asking price ranges of latest sales, as well as how lengthy the homes were about the marketplace. To learn more, contact your nearby property sales consultant or you can try here.

Note the actual prices regarding your local community during the particular last many months. Check out how product sales were operating, say, the year before, so anyone get a good idea regarding whether the particular market is actually cooling down or heating up or keeping put. This specific exercise ought to give anyone a perception of just what your house is really worth. You may well decide which you may sell your current home without having an broker. It’s a fine notion, because a person could preserve 6% or more of typically the selling cost that the broker normally collects. Nevertheless, balance that against typically the work engaged in marketing a residence and currently being available in all time to present it.

In the event that you carry out decide for you to work by way of an Realtor, ask with regard to referrals coming from friends or perhaps check the actual Web and also local papers for adverts. Don’t merely accept just about any recommendation. Schedule a scheduled appointment with a good real estate agent and discover what he or she can do for you. Don’t end up being fooled through an Realtor who is usually merely complementary you together with an outrageous price.

Final Steps of a Sale

Should you be selling your home, all is not really accomplished by the customer handing you a check or a huge bag of cash. This can be a lot more complex than that and, for that reason, you should be prepared to take on a series of tasks after the two celebrations make an contract. This post will state some of those. Read on or look at this website to learn more.

Right after an agreement is done, signing the actual agreement is actually next within the agenda. Owner and buyer meet and fulfill the sales agreement. Once signed, a replica is delivered to the consumer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This allows the two to discover, with guarantee, the buy is right as well as starts the cooling off period of seven days roughly.

Then there is the withdrawal period. The disengagement period commences from the time after the first presentation from the registered page. If the buyer fails to indication for the authorized letter, the owner has the substitute for go through with the sale or perhaps back out. This is the reason there is a cooling-off period. If the buyer is actually slow to reply to the registered letter, the seven-day period of time elapses in any case.

As with any home purchase, there exists a down payment. This might be directly to the purchaser or to the financial institution where you are getting the mortgage. Throughout the withdrawal time period, the seller may collect 10% in respect to the final price. This amount has to be paid on the expiration in the withdrawal period, which is particular by the two parties yet is usually 7 days. The buyer subsequently gives the owner a check payable to the notary who will induce the sale.

Be advised there is a postponement between the contract and final deed of sale. You should foresee any maximum period of time within that the final deed of selling will be authorized. This is what is recognized as the deadline for completion of the sale. It may, in theory, be about three months. Get these things into consideration when selling your home. Take a look at this website in addition.

Techniques To Be Able To Acquire An Ideal House

Probably the most fascinating events within a person’s life is after they pick up the door keys to open their initial residence. Buying a home can be a desire many people talk about and with proper preparation, it may be possible for you and your family. First, you will have to ensure you can pay for to buy a home. A fiduciary can certainly review your finances together with you and show you if right now is the best moment or maybe if you should delay until you will be within a improved financial situation. Purchasing and also having a residence is pricey and that means you probably should not invest in a house before you are able to afford the mortgage, insurance and maintenance. Should you be lucky enough to have the funds to get your own residence, the next task is to talk with a financial institution. Depending on your own revenue and credit standing, a lender can let you know just how much the mortgage loan company will probably be eager to give you to pay for your home. Last but not least, click this link now to get hold of an estate agent in the region in which you wish to purchase your home. Be sure you inform your representative that you have a commitment from the loan company. Connect with your estate agent so you can be assured to acquire a call when homes which provide what you need come to be for sale.