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I’ve been really busy and focused over the past few weeks. Since I’m looking for a career in the fashion industry, I’ve been surrounding myself with anything and everything that can influence, inspire, and motivate me.

It’s been incredibly fun.

I ended up stumbling across a site called which is entirely based on affordable menswear. The writing is fun, conversational, they have a great audience, and that’s exactly what I need to continue on this path.

So, I sent them an email asking about guest bloggers and contributors. Though I was new to the sartorial game and that I’m still learning about fashion in general, I didn’t let that deter me at all. That’s something I learned by writing over the past few years.

Just fucking ask.

The worst thing they can say is no and that’s the attitude that I went into this. I gave them a link to my second style post and was just really genuine about my interest.

A few hours later I got an email back saying I couldn’t have had more perfect timing. A couple emails back and forth with site director and editor Joe, I’m happy to announce that I am the latest contributor to 

I’ll have my first post up in a couple of days and after I sign some sort of contract. The amount of doors that this is going to open is ridiculous and I honestly cannot wait to dive into this and learn. That’s all I want to do is learn.

With Dappered in the bag and a potential job at Banana Republic, things can only get better from here.



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